About iCare

Welcome to iCare - the Northern Ireland charity which uses the power of business to create a better world.

iCare was founded in September 2010 by Homecare Independent Living and the work it carries out empowers communities to create a better world through acts of kindness.

The charity, which is based at The Gatelodge in Milford, is run by a team of employees of Homecare Independent Living.

It's aims are to improve the lives of older people, eliminate social isolation as much as possible, use the power of business to create a better world and also to put life back into old buildings by encouraging community participation.

As the charity developed so too did the desire to help as many people as possible. And as a result, the iCare committee created the iCare Wishes initiative. This  was formed in June 2013 whereby members of the public, through a Homecare Independent Living employee, can nominate someone in the community to be granted a wish.

Money to support the wishes throughout the year is raised from the mystical Christmas Calendar must -  Santa's Gatelodge - a Christmas spectacle which attracts thousands of people every December. All proceeds raised from this event is used throughout the year to help people, organisations and causes in our communities.