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Dementia Care

We are committed to working with organisations such as Demenntia Services Development Centre NI to ensure we are providing the best care possible with staff trained specifically in Dementia Care.

 People with dementia have the same rights as everyone else to make decisions about how they live their lives and we are continually striving to assist in best practice through information sharing and awareness raising.

We are committed to training and have two specialist Dementia Care Trainers within Homecare. Their role is to train all new and existing staff to:

  •  Understand more about dementia and its causes, signs and symptoms
  •  Recognize that dementia affects people in different ways
  •  Understand how a person centred care approach can make a difference to the care that our staff provide
  •  Identify what specialist care a person with dementia may require
  •  Think of ideas and methods that our staff can use to improve the wellbeing of people with dementia in our care