Domiciliary Care

Remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will you and your staff respect my privacy and dignity?

Our staff are passionate, professional and dedicated carers, committed to delivering quality, client centred care at all times. Our staff receive comprehensive, award winning training focusing on respecting you, our client at all times in their own homes. Our care staff are expected to be fully compliant with all policies and procedures relating to your privacy and confidentiality.

Every client is entitled to be treated with dignity, respect and privacy.

Where personal care is required, Care staff will endeavour to ensure your dignity and privacy is maintained at all times.  This is constantly monitored through our staff Mandatory Training sessions.  Your privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed, as all Care Staff are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to commencing a care package. 

2. Do you visit the home prior to the care commencing?

In line with our company policy, a member of the management team will visit a new client’s home before commencing a care package.

We will speak you re: the Care plan and client agreement, we will conduct a Risk Assessment, we will go through the client guide and create and leave a Home file in your home.

We will also introduce you to the Carers prior to commencement.

3. What training do you provide for your care workers before they commence work and during their employment?

It is mandatory that all new recruits go through our three Day Induction and Classroom Training with our qualified Trainers.  This is followed by two days practical shadowing of calls before the care assistant officially starts their role.

The care assistant then enters into a 3 month mentoring programme which consists of ‘on the job’ spot checks and supervisions (Assessments). The care assistant has a 3 month interim and 6 month probation, followed up by annual appraisals. The care assistants are met with at least twice yearly for assessments.

Annually, all Care Staff and Managers must complete our Mandatory Training Update.  This always includes some element of specialised Training for e.g. Palliative Care / Dementia Training, etc.

4. How will you ensure that I have the same regular care worker? Will you provide me with a named carer and a possible replacement?

Our care assistants do not work alone; you are assigned a small team of care assistants who work together within a geographical area. You will be introduced to all team members. The team will work together to cover annual leave and sickness.

On occasion of high level of sickness within the team, a care assistant from outside the area may be asked to assist with cover.

You and your family will be notified in advance if this happens.

5. What happens if my regular care worker does not show up?

We ask that you and your family to allow 15 minutes either side of the call to allow for the care assistant arriving early or late, depending on their scheduled work that day. After this time we ask that you or a member of your family rings into the office, from NI: 028 37 511 333 or from ROI: 048 37 511 333, so we can find out where the care assistant is, and if they have been held up, then to organise a replacement.

6. Do you provide a contact number in case of emergencies 24/7?

Yes, this number is highlighted at the start of the Home file. This number is contactable from 6am to 12 midnight, 7 days a week.

7. What happens if my regular care worker is off sick or on annual leave?

On occasion of high level of sickness within the team or planned annual leave, you will be contacted in advance and relief Care Staff will be introduced. These staff members will be familiar with the Care plan in advance of commencement.

8. Do your carers wear a uniform?

Yes, our care assistants are required to wear a white tunic, black trousers and black shoes. If your care assistant arrives and is not in uniform, please report this to the office so we can follow up with the individual.

9. May I have a copy of your complaints policy?

Yes. You will be provided with a copy of our complaints policy in the back of your Homecare file, which will be placed in your home upon commencing the service.

10. How do you make sure that quality of care is maintained?

It is our company policy to conduct regular Spot Checks and Assessments on Carers by the management team. 

We conduct two client reviews annually and also request feedback from you and your family throughout the year in the form of our Client Satisfaction Surveys.

We have an independent Whistleblowing service in place, which allows care assistants to anonymously report any concerns/issues they may have with the quality of care a colleague may be delivering.

As outlined above, all our staff are subject to annual Mandatory Training Updates.

11. Do you invite feedback from your clients and is that available for me to see?

Your feedback and opinions are very important to us.

We invite clients to feedback throughout the year using our annual client satisfaction survey, during their client reviews, at client focus groups and at any stage over the phone, in person or via email.

This feedback is available for you to see.

12. If I do not get along with my carer what happens?

Delivering excellent quality of care and putting you, our client at the heart of every decision we make, is critical to our company.

If you are having issues with an individual carer, a member of the management team will meet you to gather the facts and to try, where possible to resolve the issue.

After monitoring and assessing the situation, if the issue cannot be resolved, we will endeavour to remove the care assistant from your package and to introduce a new carer where available.

Local Offices

For information on your local HCIL office and manager, please call the office directly from NI: 028 37 511 333 or from ROI: 048 37 511 333